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Seven Rivers Walking (E)
Seven Rivers Walking (E)
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Seven Rivers Walking (E)

Without any doubt, there is something in New Zealand’s once pristine rivers and it’s not good! This is a hot topic issue especially with the general election just upstream.

'Seven Rivers Walking - Haere Marire' follows the paths of seven braided rivers of the Canterbury Plains and the rivers of Christchurch City to visually prove how once pure rivers and waterways have been poisoned, depleted and degraded in order to profit industry and agriculture. In one of many personal anecdotes that drive the film, a local fisherman recalls how the mighty Rakaia River once spilled a mile out into the Pacific Ocean. New aerial footage reveals the river today meekly slinking into the sea only to be wiped out by the first breaker that crosses its path.

This film also uncovers the water crisis that is fast looming and focuses on how our precious waterways – ‘our taonga, our special places’ can recover. Co-directors Gaylene Barnes and Kathleen Gallagher set about to educate themselves and others about the damage being wrought and options for remedial action. "This documentary is about passionate Kiwis who care deeply about their rivers and environment and want to turn the tide," says Gallagher.

Bill Gosden, founding director of the NZ International Film Festival says: "in the polarised political environment of 2017, this film is a disarmingly peaceable one. It places the hope of change in a shared love of our rivers and riparian environments and a profound appreciation of their ecology. Anglers, rafters, trampers, Kai Tahu, Fish and Game, Forest and Bird, natural scientists, farming families old and new, all bear witness, some as designated experts - all as sentient inhabitants of the only planet we've got.”


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Runtime: 1 hr 24 mins
New Zealand
Country: New Zealand